30lb Fire Exinguisher

30 lb Class D Copper Fire Extinguisher - Model C571


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MODEL C571 contains a copper extinguishing agent specially developed by the U.S. Navy for fighting lithium and lithium alloy fires.
The copper compound smothers the fire and provides an excellent heat sink for dissipating heat. Copper powder has been found
to be superior to all other known fire extinguishing agents for lithium metal fires. Not recommended for lithium-ion battery fires.

The Amerex soft flow extension applicator is particularly suited for fighting Class D fires. It allows the operator to stand away from the extreme heat and toxic fumes caused by burning material. The easily controlled, even discharge provides a non-dispersing application of the agent. The extension applicator may be quickly detached to provide a straight stream of chemical where greater range is required.

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Capacity 30 pounds
Chemical Class D Dry Powder
Discharge Time 18 seconds
Range 3-6 ft


Height 35 inches
Width 13 inches
Depth 8 inches
Shipping Weight lbs
Valve Type Chrome Plated Brass
Dolly Option Dolly Cart - Model 859
Included Bracket Wall Hanger 6 Pack - 0057700577
Optional Brackets Heavy Duty Bracket - Model 811811
Rubber Strap Brackets Rubber Straps Bracket - Model 864864

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