Model 564 Amerex Fire Extinguisher

20lb ABC Dry Chemical High Performance Fire Extinguisher - Model 564HPFF


  • $366.60

HIGH PERFORMANCE extinguishers are the ultimate choice in fire extinguishers for high hazard, frequent use and extreme environment applications. Economical - less initial cost, lower maintenance costs and greater reliability than cartridge operated extinguishers.

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Capacity 20 pounds
Chemical ABC Dry Chemical
Discharge Time 30 seconds
Range 40-50 ft
UL and ULC Rating 10A:120B:C


Height 24.75 inches
Width 10.5 inches
Depth 7 inches
Shipping Weight lbs
Valve Type Anodized Aluminum
Dolly Option Dolly Cart - Model 859
Included Bracket Wall Hanger 6 Pack - 0958209582
Optional Brackets Heavy Duty Bracket - Model 810810
Rubber Strap Brackets Rubber Straps Bracket - Model 864864
USCG Bracket Heavy Duty Bracket - Model 810810

Safety Data Sheet

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